Too late to make friends

Following up on Fred Dicker’s earlier piece where he states Cuomo’s internal polling indicates he’s pretty much lost everything north of the City, the Governor has decided to spend time with the redneck underclass:

“… During the past several weeks, Governor Cuomo has spent much of his time in upstate New York … There’s been good reason politically for Cuomo to lavish all of the attention on portions of upstate … Until recently, Cuomo enjoyed sky high approval ratings from nearly all New Yorkers, in the 70% range.  But, after he championed strict new gun control laws in January, and pursued a left leaning agenda during the legislative session, his support among upstaters has declined precipitously.  In New York City, his popularity is still high, but in upstate about half of voters say they’d prefer someone else as governor …”

Why would Cuomo think that spending time with people he’s fucked over is going to improve his standing with them?  I realize this is part of his major course correction strategy (which I can’t possibly see working), but he’s exposing himself to even more protests which in turn will drive his approval rating even lower.

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4 thoughts on “Too late to make friends

  1. When they kick at your front doorHow you gonna come?With your hands on your head?Or on the trigger of your gun?When the law breaks in,How you gonna go?Shot down on the pavement,Or waiting on death row?

  2. If you think on it, this putz is probably not even a real Marxist ideologue like Obama. He is even more disgusting. Apparently, it is easy for him to shift his playbook and suck up to people he really despises (he hates our guts, rest assured – we the unwashed rednecks). He is much more an ambitious power hungry whore like Gillibrand. This is a different animal. It has no real ideology. If they were in Berlin in 1936, they would have been walking around with party pins. Keep up the pressure on this prick. If we can get his itinerary, we should show up everywhere he goes on his damage control campaign and give him a ration of shit (please – speech only). The guy is NFG. Please tell your friends and neighbors. Prediction for next year: they will try and throw us a bone by rescinding the 7 rd limit. It is unconstitutional, virtually unenforceable, and the most ludicrous thing since Pelosi’s suggestion that we should pass bills to see what is inside, and they all know it. An empty gesture.

  3. Adam got popped in Livingston for a ten-round mag in his .22LR and he said the DA isn’t prosecuting, so there’s good news on the home front. Yeah, Cuomo mourns “the children,” but he didn’t do a damn thing about that shotgun killer in Mohawk. That would have been awkward. He’s got moxie, I’ll give him that, but Libertarians are on the rise and he’s got no love upstate, I tell you what. He’s all hat and no cattle.

    From a grassroots level it’s clear his campaign is already doomed. Those fascists can astro-turf and appeal to emotion all they want, but the phantom menace can’t dominate the media anymore. The empire is crumbling, just as they all do. Every day another slimy politician gets caught with their pants down, and folks are tired of getting raped by ’em. The planet has been hacked. Free education is in progress.

    Incumbency and some wealthy patrons *might* buy him 2014, but watching him ride Hillary’s coattails into disaster should be entertaining. He’s too proud to look like a hypocrite by backing down, and too blinded by ego to see that he’s falling on his own sword. It would be better if he just tucked his tail and ran back to Berlusconi, because the truth is, he’s just another fuckin’ mook. And we don’t pay mooks. ~E

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