2 thoughts on “Sullivan Act upheld

  1. I don’t care what a Court of Appeals panel says, I can read the US Constitution for myself, and it says that I have the right, that is, the right, to keep and bear arms. Maybe they never should have educated us enough to be able to read. It would have made our suppression easier.
    The “Sullivan Law” is an odious pile of crap compared to the bright and shining, US Bill of Rights.

    “…New York has substantial, indeed compelling, governmental interests in public safety and crime prevention,..”
    Which bear no relation to the Sullivan Law, seeing as any thug in Crooklyn who wants a gun can get one, while the law-abiding are mercilessly abused by the onerous and unconstitutional burdens of the stenchiferous “Sullivan Law”.
    We have rights as Americans, which the “Sullivan Law” nullifies. That will change. One way, or another.

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