Scott Brown wins in MA

Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate seat and in doing so humiliates Obama, Democrats and the Brady Campaign who endorsed opponent Martha Coakley.

Oh, yes, it’s a Sunshine Day!

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9 thoughts on “Scott Brown wins in MA

  1. Unlike states such as Vermont, Utah etc., New Yorkers depend on federal court decisions and legislation to insure 2A freedoms.
    That’s why Brown’s victory is so important for us.

  2. I can explain by example:
    There are a substantial number of political leaders and courts in NY who would obliterate 2A. But they can’t because of federal decisions such as Heller. This wouldn’t happen in Vermont, Utah, Wyoming etc etc. where state and local leaders believe in freedom or at least fear voter backlash. Not so in NY. Anti gunners are elected with alarming regularity every cycle.

    And were it not for New Yorks’ Senatorial delegation we would have had national right to carry. Again we need federal legislation and court decisions.

    As far as baloney goes, you’re better than that.

  3. Antis are re-elected not because of their stance on guns, but because of the way districts have been gerrymander. Not one person in the state has been elected because they are antigun. Even Carolyn McCarthy was not elected because she’s antigun, but because the Nassau GOP is incompetent and corrupt and has not put up any serious opposition to her. There is nothing remotely resembling an antigun grassroots movement anywhere, no antigun GOTV effort at election time and no significant money coming from Brady, NYAGV, etc. and going to candidates either. The reason legislative leaders push an anti agenda is because they don’t see any reason not to. They don’t see enough gunnies showing up at election time and because of that they feel they just don’t care.

  4. I’m happy that we deliver more money.

    No gerrymandering is possible with statewide or citywide elections.

    Many NY politicians are anti 2A in their DNA. No grassroots movement is necessary. If you need proof read the names. They go on and on.

    Nevertheless I agree with 1 or 2 of your statements.

  5. There are only a handful of really antigun politicians. The rest don’t care much. They go along with whatever the speaker says and that’s about it. The number who try to make an issue out of it at election time I can usually count on one hand.

  6. There are far more than a handful. But it’s true that the majority of them don’t make much noise. Their voices are heard when they vote.

    Proof: Out of 50 states New Yorkers endure more restrictions than the residents of at least 48 others.

    Further, our elected and appointive federal office holders are among the most anti 2A in the country. And with only one exception they’re good at it.

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