Schneiderman v. Rice

Liz Benjamin writes:

“… Insiders believe the fight for the Democratic AG nomination will likely come down to a battle between [Eric] Schneiderman on the left with support from labor unions and so-called “progressives,” and Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice running from a more centrist base (suburban, tough on crime etc.) …”

Both are antis, but Schneiderman is a movement antigunner.  He promotes their agenda in the legislature.   The only good thing about him running for AG is that he would have to give up his Senate seat to do that.

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2 thoughts on “Schneiderman v. Rice

  1. AG would be a good place for him—-away from a vote. Another possible run that does worry me—-the anti-gun mayor of utica, ny. Mr. Roefaro is seeking support to run for Lt. Governor. I just found this out during the weekend, when one of my good friends who drops mail off in the albany legislative building saw mr. utica meeting with downstaters. would mr. roefaro be more of a threat at Lt. Gov or as a mayor? This is the question. Either way, can someone please dig more into his background. Rumor has it, the guy could win with key support he has already secured.

  2. That’s new. Never heard of Roefaro being mentioned as a Lt. Gov. prospect before. I will look into it.

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