Congressional races to watch

According to the Star Gazette, the NRCC is spotlighting three Congressional races as possible Republican pickups this fall in districts 1, 19 and 29.  That gives us these match-ups:

CD-1: F rated incumbent Tim Bishop v. Randy Altschuler.  Bishop is a longtime anti, Altschuler is an unknown quantity.

CD-19: F rated incumbent John Hall v. Nan Hayworth.  Hall accepted campaign money from the Brady’s but wasn’t actively promoting antigun legislation the last time I checked.  Hayworth struck me as being a RINO but does not have any position statement on her campaign website about guns.

CD-29: C rated incumbent Eric Massa v. Tom Reed.  Not sure what Massa did to earn his last NRA rating.  He seemed concerned about being perceived as being pro-gun in the past.  Reed is the Mayor of Corning, but his position on guns is unknown.  He isn’t a member of MAIG.

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One thought on “Congressional races to watch

  1. Happy that Jacob is tracking federal races. How can you ignore them? They affect NY as much as state and local races.

    Further they affect the rest of the country and with it our reputation based on who we send to DC.

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