Endorsements for Yassky

David Yassky is looking for a new gig now that his time on the NYC Clown Council is almost up. His Congressional bid failed so now he’s going for Comptroller. He’s gotten the endorsement of Senator Eric Adams based upon his gun control record:

“… According to Senator Adams, Yassky has led the charge in gun control. According to Yassky’s press release, he helped enact important anti-crime statues including the Brady Law, Assault Weapons Ban, and Violence Against Women …”

While he was a staffer for then Congressman Charles Schumer he did help write those bills.

What’s this got to do with being Comptroller?  Nothing, of course.  His background is in law, not finance, so it’s not like he can go on at length about his qualifications.  In any event, Yassky must get through a 4-way Democrat primary in September and according to the latest poll he’s way behind in 3rd place.