Bishop showing some weakness

Rep. Tim Bishop is showing some weakness in the latest poll according to Hotline On Call:

“… The McLaughlin & Assoc. (R) poll, taken for businessman Randy Altschuler (R), shows Bishop leading by a wide 46% to 26% margin. It’s a big gap, but the fact that a 4-term incumbent who won in ’08 with 58% is polling below 50% could be an indication of trouble ahead. Altschuler is barely known in the district, and if allowed to define himself, he has nowhere to go but up …”

The poll uses a small sample, but I think there’s going to be a big Obama backlash next year. The beating Democrats received on the Island this past election was just a down payment.  It’s too early to tell if Bishop will be a victim of it, but he’s a solid anti and getting rid of him would be a plus.