A little early for this predicition

John Gizzi at Human Events opines, “McCarthy On the Ropes?“:

“… Along with being a national voice for gun control, [Carolyn] McCarthy is also a dedicated liberal (lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 22%) on most other issues. The last time area Republicans made a serious effort at unseating her was in 2002, when physician Marilyn O’Grady drew 45% of the vote against McCarthy. But the outlook could change dramatically next year, as both conservative activists and GOP regulars are growing increasingly enthusiastic about the candidacy of visiting Hofstra University assistant law professor Frank Scaturro …”

Party hacks being enthused means nothing.  Let’s see some evidence the general public is excited about this guy.

“… “What issues will I run on? Everything!” Scaturro told me during a recent lunch in Washington. “Whether it’s [McCarthy’s] vote for the Obama stimulus package or healthcare with public option or her support for cap and trade, I’m not only presenting an opposite point of view but a positive alternative.” …”

Everything?  Does that include guns?  Put up or shut up.

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One thought on “A little early for this predicition

  1. Pretty sure that she’s beatable. Lost the fire if you know what I mean.

    If Scaturro is loud and proud about supporting 2A in Nassau Co. it will cost him.

    Don’t think that one Rep from downstate NY is a big deal. Generally expect them to be anti 2A, pro big government liberals anyway. Plus she hasn’t been all that effective. Maybe we’re better off with her than a more competent “representative.”

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