Ossining schools push antigun agenda

The Patch reports, “Ossining Schools Implement Firearm Storage Resolution“:

“In a proactive move to enhance student safety, the Ossining Union Free School District (OUFSD) announces the adoption of a comprehensive resolution addressing the secure storage of firearms within households … The resolution, spearheaded by Interim Superintendent Mary Fox Alter, underscores the critical role secure firearm storage plays in safeguarding schools and students … The Board directs the Superintendent and staff to update the Student Handbook, incorporating information on the significance of secure gun storage. This will include legal obligations for parents and guardians to securely store firearms, stressing the importance of keeping guns unloaded, locked up, and separate from ammunition …”

This garbage underscores the need for 2A supporters to be involved at all levels of government.  I predict they will cut and paste from some antigun propaganda pamphlet into their handbook.

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