’23 elections

Tuesday is election day.  Here are some races I’ve been following.  Hardly a comprehensive list, just some that have attracted my attention recently.

Going to plug these candidates:

  • Ryan Carty, Columbia Co. District Attorney
  • Chrissy Casilio, Erie. Co. County Executive
  • Ed Romain, Suffolk Co. County Executive
  • Judge Alex Renzi, 7th Judicial District
  • NYC City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov
  • Bob Fois, Eastchester Town Board
  • Brandon Lehr, Mayfield Town Supervisor
  • David Sutfin, Hornell Common Council, SCOPE member

Assorted antigun candidates running:

  • Robert Cantelmo, Mayor of Ithaca

Nassau Co.:

  • Alexis Pace, Nassau Co. Legislature #4
  • Seth Koslow, Nassau Co. Legislature #5
  • Weihua Yan, Nassau Co. Legislature #10

Rockland Co.:

  • Beth Davidson, Rockland Co. Legislature #10
  • Dana Stilley, Rockland Co. Legislature #17
  • Monica Ferguson, Clarkstown Town Council Ward 1
  • Elaine Philhower, Clarkstown Town Council Ward 2

Westchester Co.:

  • Corazón Pineda-Isaac, Mayor of Yonkers
  • Ruth Walter, Westchester Co. Legislature #15

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