Duncanson loses in Middletown

Middletown Mayor Marlinda Duncanson lost her primary to previous Mayor Joseph DeStefano.  Duncanson joined MAIG earlier in the year and started parroting their agenda.  She is the 2nd MAIG member we’ve been able to oust in New York.

One thought on “Duncanson loses in Middletown

  1. Billionaire Bloomberg bought himself a group, MAIG, to head up as a matter of self-promotion. The sooner these mayors wake up and realize that they’re just being used as stooges to further Bloomberg’s political career, the better off their own political careers will be. Stooges are comical, but who wants one for a mayor?
    Bloomberg himself can easily get away with supporting more gun laws from the political safety of NYC, and he gets a political boost for himself there from his heading up MAIG, but mayors in the rest of America are likely to lose politically from supporting Bloomberg and are leaving the organization as they come to realize that they’ve been pwned.
    However, MAIG functions to shine a spotlight on mayors with anti-gun rights inclinations. Bloomberg has done a better job of outing anti’s than the NRA could have hoped to do! So who’s stooge one in all of this? Hint: who does Bloomberg see when he looks in the mirror?

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