Last shred of credibility gone

It is hard to call the ACLU a civil rights organization given their history of refusing to support the Second Amendment.

They have chosen to give up their last bit credibility by filing a brief in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen where they support the Sullivan Law asserting it is necessary to protect the First Amendment:

“This is a case about the Second Amendment, but its resolution also implicates fundamental First Amendment values—the freedoms of assembly, association, and speech. States have many justifications for regulating the public carrying of weapons, concealed or otherwise. But one especially important justification is that such restrictions facilitate civic engagement, by promoting safety and reducing the chances that the disagreements inevitable in a robust democracy do not lead to lethal violence. Accordingly, in assessing the validity of New York’s regulation of the carrying of concealed weapons in public, the Court should give due regard to the state’s important interest in facilitating a wideopen public debate.”

Somehow implying the Sullivan Law was meant to protect free speech is absurd and everybody knows it. Hopefully SCOTUS will bring it up when they render their decision.

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