Tish James joins coalition supporting CA magazine ban

Attorney General Letitia James signed onto an amicus brief in support of California’s ban on magazines holding over 10 rounds.

I don’t see any mention of this from her office so here is the press release from the Washington, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, “AG Racine Leads 18-State Coalition Supporting California’s Ban On Large-Capacity Magazines“:

“… In the amicus brief, the states collectively urge the Ninth Circuit to rehear the case en banc and argue that California’s ban on large-capacity magazines is a reasonable and lawful restriction because:

  • The Second Amendment permits states to enact common-sense gun safety measures: The brief explains that states are entitled to adopt reasonable restrictions on firearms to protect public safety. Restricting access to large-capacity magazines is a reasonable restriction because it reduces firearm injuries and deaths without infringing individuals’ core Second Amendment right to self-defense.
  • States have a responsibility to prevent gun violence and protect public safety: The brief notes that states have primary responsibility for ensuring public safety. This includes a duty to reduce the likelihood that their citizens will fall victim to preventable firearm violence and to minimize fatalities and injuries when such violence occurs. Population density, economic conditions, and the strength of local law enforcement all vary widely across the country, and all may have an impact on crime and effective crime-fighting efforts. The brief notes that deciding how best to protect the safety of state residents is a question better suited to legislatures than courts.
  • Courts have allowed states to regulate large-capacity magazines to protect the public: Every other court of appeals has allowed states leeway to respond to gun violence within their borders by regulating large-capacity magazines.


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One thought on “Tish James joins coalition supporting CA magazine ban

  1. The Second Amendment prohibits states from infringing the right to keep and bear arms. Contrary to what Letitia James says, it’s a prohibition not a permission. Imprisoning people for having a magazine that holds one more cartridge than the state’s arbitrary limit is a gross infringement, and thus a violation of the Second Amendment.

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