NYPD will be amending rules to comply with SCOTUS

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2 thoughts on “NYPD will be amending rules to comply with SCOTUS

  1. From an angry young friend of minerant:
    By any constitutional standard, strict scrutiny or whatever, NYC reg and indeed state regs under SAFE act are unconstitutional.
    For those never trumpers the sword of spite about to fall. Time for honesty and recognition we have a 2d A.
    Why N.Y. wants is confiscation via taxation. They will tax every gun and every bullet to force economic forfeiture of 2A.
    SCOTUS should not only overturn but justice dept should start inquire on deprivation of civil rights under color of law. They talk about reparations: how about a new handgun for every pistol permit owner and those who were denied. Reparations. Let’s talk about reparations.

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