Good/bad on DC gun law appeal

The District of Columbia will not appeal a ruling striking down “may issue” pistol licensing:

“District of Columbia officials said Thursday they won’t appeal a court ruling striking down a portion of the city’s gun laws … A divided three-judge federal appeals court panel ruled in July that a portion of the city’s gun regulations infringed on residents’ Second Amendment rights. That portion required people to show “good reason to fear injury” or another “proper reason” to carry a handgun …”

This is good news/bad news for gun owners, especially New Yorkers.

The good news is D.C. must think they would lose a SCOTUS appeal.  If that were to happen it would open the door to new legal challenges in places like New York which have similar licensing schemes in place.

The bad news is by not appealing the case, decisions in the circuit court upholding discretionary licensing remain binding in those states including New York.

Long term, this action will likely be beneficial because eventually SCOTUS will have to take up the issue.  How long will we have to wait before that happens is the question.

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