Definition of “proper cause”

New York’s discretionary pistol licensing system requires applicants show “proper cause” for a license to be issued.

What exactly is that?

The NYPD defines it as giving officers booze, broads and bags of cash.

2 Responses to “Definition of “proper cause””

  1. Em Says:

    Did you read the Suffolk County case of them NOT issuing on the NRA site? Outrageous!

  2. Em Says:

    BTW, that shit was going on at 1PP at least 40 years ago. When I was a kid drinking at our local watering hole, just goy my premises permit, guy at the bar was a retired cop turned lawyer. He offered guarantee of full carry for like a few thousand dollars cause he was hooked up down there. I never did it cause I was not a big CC guy. But yeah, I knew about that 40 years ago. LOL

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