Maryland AWB upheld

The 4th Circuit Court has upheld Maryland’s “assault weapons” ban.

I’m not surprised given that the 2nd Circuit Court upheld the SAFE Act back in 2015.  What we really need is for a good, clear decision from SCOTUS on this.  I do not know if the Maryland decision will be appealed or even if it is the best case to be appealed.

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3 thoughts on “Maryland AWB upheld

  1. So in other words, you have doubts if we can pull off the lawsuit we had all together. I agree this may be it for MSRs. That being said, maybe NRA and other gun rights groups have tricks up their sleeves or better yet I may be just in denial.

    Even if it gets to SCOTUS, those who use to be conservative may not join us. After all, those judges who would have ruled have done the opposite against us. OBoma won and I hate to be the party pooper about it. At least for now until Trump can thing out the herd and that’s a “IF”.

  2. I had doubts about the 4th Circuit. If it was the 5th or 7th we might have gotten a better decision.

    As with RTC there were several lawsuits. I don’t know if Maryland is the “best” case to challenge AWB. The 9th Circuit RTC case NRA wants to go to SCOTUS is supposed to be “better” than the one which crashed in the 3rd Circuit.

  3. In 2008, I did not celebrate Heller as I knew the enemy would defy, bend, spindle and mutilate this every which way. It would remain to see how far scotus’ commitment would go. Heller died on the vine when Friedman vs Highland Park was denied cert. It was a definitive signal from the court that empowered the Bolshevik packed circuits to defy 2A with absolute impunity, and that is why the furious decent by Thomas and Scalia. Thus this series of defiant rulings, each one a more outrageous abuse of judicial power than the last. Read Judge Traxler’s beautifully written dissent.

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