Preparation is key

I voted this morning for Gary Johnson.

All that is left to do is wait out the day until the polls close.  I am prepared for the results.

mas tequila

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5 thoughts on “Preparation is key

  1. Jacob, how could u do that? Far as I know, he’s an idiot and his VP is a big anti?
    Not that it matters, it was over in 2008.
    It was over when you had to dial 1 to continue in English. LOL

  2. I know what ur saying Jacob, but I would have voted for Kim Jung Un over Hillary.
    1 gr8 thing about Trump win……FUCK YOU PROGRESSIVES, EAT SHIT AND DIE…………..FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  3. Also, talk about “temperament”, what does it say that she could not give a concession speech cause she was too upset. I mean, is that someone slow and steady with the right temperament? It reinforces my opinion that she is an empty headed, hair brained, mentally unstable, hysterical lunatic, and thank God she did not win.

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