Definition of “winning”

Politico reports:

“A week after Democrats held their national convention in Philadelphia, Gov. Andrew Cuomo hosted a mini-summit with several fellow Democrats in the state Senate to discuss winning strategies in November … One source briefed on the gathering said the group discussed “winning” the chamber for Democrats …”

They already have “won” the chamber having a majority of 32 seats.  They just do not have organizational control.

“… Cuomo also asked Democrats to pipe down with charges that he has hitherto done little to dislodge Republicans from the leadership of the chamber …”

That is because the Republican “leadership” is in title only.  The person running the Senate is Gov. Cuomo.  The problem (for Democrats) lies in the difference of opinion on what winning means to each of them.  For the mainline Democrat caucus, they would consider it a win if they were in charge.  Gov. Cuomo on the other hand wins when the people he wants hold leadership positions and do what he says.  That is what is happening now and what he will be working on maintaining this fall.

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