Scalia dead

Justice Antonin Scalia dropped dead while on a hunting trip in Texas.

The last thing we need is Obama appointing another SCOTUS Justice.  I do not know if the Senate is obligated to take up appointments in a timely manner or if they can hold it over until after the election.

Maybe this will motivate people to start taking the election more seriously.

5 Responses to “Scalia dead”

  1. Mark-1 Says:

    Time for GOP to standup and be counted at confirmation hearings. No more Boehner nonsense. GOP is good claiming they are the real conservatives. Let’s see what they’re made of.

  2. Em Says:

    Justice Scalia was our greatest friend. The greatest champion of freedom in our time, and most of all, our constitution and the rule of law. There is no replacement, and we will never have a better fiend. Our prayers (and our tears) are with him and his family.
    That being said, we must serve notice on the Republicans that THERE IS NO NEXT FIGHT. THERE IS NO NEXT TIME. THIS IS IT! This is Obama’s most important opportunity to fulfill the transformational legacy. The Republicans will now either stand their ground and show us what they are made of or it will never be.

  3. Steve Says:

    I feel so ill right now. I just can’t think about it. I fear the worst more than anything. Mconnnel has caved so many times. This is a grave thing in more ways than one.

  4. Em Says:

    The chess board changes against us:
    SCOTUS is less vested in Heller as it is no longer the same players, and especially that Heller was written by Justice Scalia. But that is not absolute. (still a disaster!)
    Possible 4th circuit victory that we celebrated could work against us with a far left appointee in place. It gives the commies the opportunity to bring the case at a point where we decide it would not be in our interest to do so.
    Obama probably will install a recess appointment that is far left. If not now, then next year during congressional adjournment. He will play it out.

    A ray of light:
    Our case is not sitting there now!

    If POTUS had the slightest integrity, which it does not, Judge Traxler would be an outstanding compromise. A Democrat appointee who adjudicates the law faithfully. Won’t happen.

  5. Em Says:

    And, sorry if I sound like a conspiracy nut, but I hope Texas authorities (who I would trust) make sure there was no foul play. That is indicative of my view of the regime!

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