Cuomo spanked

Our GOTV campaign against Governor Cuomo and Kathy Hochul produced positive results.  Media pundits predicted if Zephyr Teachout received 30% it would be humiliating to the Governor.  She got more than that:

  • Cuomo – 62.1%
  • Teachout – 34.2%
  • Credico – 3.6%
  • Hochul – 59.7%
  • Wu – 40.3%

Democrat turnout was ~10% and Cuomo had to pay $35 per vote compared to less than $1.50 per vote for Teachout.

At least one media outlet acknowledges SAFE was one of Cuomo’s problems:

“… Yesterday’s vote also came as gun rights groups were urging Democratic gun-owners to “repudiate” Cuomo because of the SAFE Act, the tough gun control law he pushed through the legislature last year.  Even with those factors, it was a surprisingly weak showing for Cuomo, a governor who has invested a huge amount of time, state dollars, and political capital in the North Country …”

2 thoughts on “Cuomo spanked

  1. Jacob

    If he gets re-elected…rest assured he will make all of us in the north country suffer. He is that vindictive!

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