They found Larry

Surprise, surprise:

Gov. Cuomo’s former chief of staff, Lawrence Schwartz — who is under scrutiny in Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s explosive public-corruption probe and supposedly off the state payroll — is, in fact, still being paid an astronomical sum, The Post has learned …”

So, someone does know where Larry has been hiding.

The reaction from the Cuomo camp reinforces my belief this is a payoff to keep him quiet.  His new office is the Albany man-cave.


Gov. Cuomo signed the bill, A-2388/S-2230. It goes into effect immediately.

He’s blowing you off

Local Brady/MMM mouthpiece Phil Jonas is upset that Andrew Lanza won’t meet with him so he sent a letter to The Advance whining about it:

“State Sen. Andrew Lanza refuses to discuss microstamping legislation (S-675) pending in Albany.  A group of his constituents, including clergy, law enforcement and victims of gun violence has been trying to meet with Senator Lanza since March …”

Translation: a group of professional politicos and activists have been trying to intimidate him.

“… We have called numerous times and sent a formal e-mail.  We are repeatedly told that the Senator is “too busy.” …”

Too busy to waste time with you Phil.  If you can’t get past the secretary it’s a sign the politician does not take you very seriously.

“… We have offered to travel to Albany to squeeze in a half-hour of his time …”

Try staking out 9th floor men’s rooms in the LOB.

“… In the last two years, our group, which is concerned with gun-safety issues, has met with numerous legislators including former Congressman Michael McMahon and current Congressman Michael Grimm.  Even they were able to find the time …”

Yep, Grimm found the time to blow off your request he sign onto Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine prohibition bill HR 308.

“… Microstamping is a technology that imprints identifying data on shell casings ejected from semi-automatic weapons.  Most weapons recovered from crime scenes are semi-automatics. It improves the current state of ballistics-testing …”

… which has proven to be a total failure.

“… and is endorsed by all 62 district attorneys in New York State …”

I doubt that. Back that statement up.

“… It is supported by most law-enforcement groups, including the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association …”

No, it is supported by a handful of politically appointed police chiefs.  The NY Sheriffs’ Association, which is made up of elected representatives, opposes microstamping.

“… Our question to Mr. Lanza is: Whose side are you on?”

The side of freedom, common sense and the Constitution.

Upcoming .50 matches

Preliminary dates for NCSA/NYSRPA .50 cal matches at Fort Drum are scheduled for July 9-11  and October 8-10.  Marc got some good giveaways for attendees lat year so they’re worth going to if you’re into that sort of shooting.

1st Post

After blogging at the R&P website for several years I decided to get my own domain.  The format will be the same.  News and commentary on gun issues pertaining to New York.  Whatever I find interesting.

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