Bloomberg: Gun control = suicide control

The latest from Mayor Mike:

“… “The rate of suicide in New York City is almost half of what it is in the country on average,” he said.  “And most of that comes from the difficulty in getting a gun … we have reduced the number of guns in the city, and I’ll tell you where it shows up.  Health Department put out the suicide statistics yesterday.  It turns out that an awful lot of people, when they want to kill themselves, reach for a gun,” continued the mayor.  “And if they can’t get that gun, the thought goes away and they don’t kill themselves.” …”

As usual Bloomberg blames guns and ignores everything else:

“… It took only a moment for Andre Carrasco to get out of his car and jump to his death from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge last month.   He was the second suicide on the bridge in a month’s time, and his niece wants the city to put up fences along the iconic span, to slow down anyone who might be next …”

2 Responses to “Bloomberg: Gun control = suicide control”

  1. Protecting Us For Our Own Good | Shall Not Be Questioned Says:

    […] Mayor Mike doesn’t want us to have guns, because we might kill ourselves with it. Think about where this line of reasoning leads? It’s not to a free society, it’s to a society where you’re not allowed to have anything dangerous, because you might hurt yourself with it. This is a recipe for the few lording over the many. It does not describe the free republic of our founders. […]

  2. Chas Says:

    I think that what really keeps the suicide rate down in New York City is the lack of tall buildings. That, and the lack of a stressful environment. Oh, and a really, really great mayor. Really.

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