Jenkins sentenced

Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins has been sentenced for selling counterfeit sneakers.  He gets a conditional discharge and several thousand dollars in fines.

He is still listed a being a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns in good standing.

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2 thoughts on “Jenkins sentenced

  1. Bloomberg’s fraudulent, scam group, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” only opposes legal gun owners, but doesn’t oppose criminals, so it’s no surprise that they have criminals in their group.
    Given their organization’s inherent gross disrespect and outright contempt for the law that is the Second Amendment, the group itself is criminal in nature and fundamentally anti-American.
    Bloomberg’s exclusive, little club should be disbanded by law for the criminal enterprise that it is.

  2. from:

    “The lethal fallout from a botched operation by the US Department of Justice which allowed almost 2,000 illegally purchased firearms to be transported from the streets of Arizona to drug gangs in Mexico has been laid bare in a scathing Congressional report, which concludes that it resulted in countless deaths.”

    2,000 illegal guns and countless deaths, but not a word about it out of MAIG – nothing at all about it on their website. They claim that they are opposed to illegal guns – they are not. MAIG lies! Where’s the opposition? Sorry, Bloomberg, but silence and ignorance do not count as opposition when countless deaths are involved. Your MAIG is a fraud!

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