Gunsense endorsements for the August primary

Everytown (Mike Bloomberg) has made a couple of endorsements for the August 23 primary elections.

In the open seat CD-3 Democrat primary they endorsed Melanie D’Arrigo who they list as a Moms volunteer and who looks like a poster-child Karen. While not endorsed, Nassau Co. Legislator John Lafazan has made gun control a signature issue of his campaign while one of Robert Zimmerman’s top priorities is to “combat gun violence.”  Jon Kaiman proudly lists himself as a “gunsense candidate” and Reema Rasool pledges that, if elected, she “will aim to pass common-sense gun safety laws to keep our schools, places of worship, and communities safe.”  All the choices stink, but I believe the worst two are D’Arrigo and Lazafan.

In the SD-21 Democrat primary they endorsed Kaegan Mays-Williams who they also list as a Moms volunteer.  She is challenging incumbent Kevin Parker who is also antigun and is a violent thug.  The third choice is David Alexis who “has committed to governing with gun sense as a priority.”  He is arguably the least offensive only because he has not voted on the issue and has not been endorsed by any gun control group.

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