Albany Co. legislature calls to reinstate federal AWB

WRGB reports:

“Members of the Albany County Legislature continue to prioritize ending gun violence while also calling on the federal government to do the same. On Tuesday, the Legislature issued a proclamation calling for members of the federal government to reinstate an Assault Weapons Ban, similar to the one that was enacted in 1994 but never reinstated when it expired …”

Here is a copy of the proclamation:

2 thoughts on “Albany Co. legislature calls to reinstate federal AWB

  1. The message from Texas is this: “America, you need to work on your Second Amendment rights.”
    They left the back door to the school open, and no one was allowed to be armed to protect the children. That is gross negligence. I’m sure that the lawsuits from the aggrieved parents will change that, but how about we change that now? I mean, maybe? For the kids? Or must we continue to demand “gun free spaces”, and the resulting dead children, to promote the radical left’s gun ban agenda?

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