Lead ammo ban still percolating

The bill to ban lead ammo for hunting A-5728/S-5058 stalled on 3rd Reading this past session. I expect the issue will come up again when the legislature reconvenes next year.

In the meantime, the DEC is putting together a group to study the issue. The link doesn’t mention who the “organized hunting and conservation groups” are, but most in the state are infested with Fudds who are too stupid to realize the purpose of this study is support the conclusions of the sponsors of the legislation to prohibit lead ammo.

One thought on “Lead ammo ban still percolating

  1. Very rough computation sketched out – 220 gr / shot, 2 shots per deer, 254,000 deer, 54,556 sq mi in NYS gives about 4.68 oz of lead per sq mile on average (very generous), expecting some more concentrated than others, and more concentration happening among scavengers. Hunters will take a lot of the lead out with them when they take out their animals, with much either passing through into backstop or stopped in bone. The fraction of spray that might be expected to end up in gut piles is much smaller (scavengers). Impact on the water table depends on acidity and how granitic the soil is. It is hard not to find a lot of the claims made against lead dubious.

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