Possible scenario

For the sake of argument, lets assume Gov. Cuomo is forced out due to his bad behavior. Kathy Hocul would then become acting Governor until the 2022 elections.

I can’t see the Democrats letting her keep that office as she isn’t from the NYC area. The most likely candidate would be Tish James. In many ways James is worse than Cuomo in so far as she is an political ideologue whereas Cuomo is a political opportunist.

Senator Alessandra Biaggi’s name has been floated as a candidate for higher office, possibly for Lieutenant Governor. Another ideologue, a James-Biaggi ticket would be bad for just about everything including 2A rights.

As awful as Cuomo’s behavior has been and as destructive as “progressive” policies have been for the state, I don’t see Republicans being in a position to capitalize on any of it in New York. On the national level I think the GOP has plenty of opportunities for advancement especially if they stand firm against any gun control.

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2 thoughts on “Possible scenario

  1. I tend to agree. This is probably the best chance the NY GOP has in decades of getting a Republican in and they are just dropping the ball. I love Lee Zeldin, but I’m realistic, he stands no chance at all of winning. All the dems are gonna do is play videos of him with Trump and not voting to certify the election and it’s enough that many middle of the road independents and right leaning dems will never go for him.

  2. Maybe. Big, Maybe. Hocul more likely to be a huge shift changer. Her base is Upstate NY [Buffalo] and that’s not what Albany wants to hear if she’s in. I believe her hubby’s a fed prosecutor out of Buffalo too.. What I do see is a she-wolf in sheeps’ clothing to Progressive Dems. Prinz Andy took her to garner Upstate support. Many of her activities are anti-NYC and anti-Albany. As gov she have control over judge appointments. Look also for FRACKing changes to gain some Upstate foothold due $ value to Upstate and to gain some NYS influence away from Downstate. Just a feeling.

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