Junior hunting update

I’ve seen a lot of nonsense over the years on how legislation moves in Albany, but this is a new one.

State budget bills are supposed to only include appropriations.  Governor Cuomo tried including a proposal to drop the age to 12 to hunt wildlife with a gun in EnCon bill A-3008C/S-2508C. That was removed when the bill was amended last week.  What passed in a different bill A-3005C/S-2505C was a 2-year pilot program for 12 year olds to hunt deer only with a gun north of Westchester.  They stuck that under criminal justice and public safety of all places.  Never saw that before.

2 thoughts on “Junior hunting update

  1. I’m surprised the socialists allowed us to teach our children how to hunt. After all, their MO is to suppress gun ownership. I guess we dodged a bullet.

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