Observations from the field

In the wake of the increased violence in cities across the state, are any of the Republicans in Albany calling for reform of state gun control laws, or at least highlighting the failure of Gov. Cuomo’s so-called SAFE Act?


This is not an oversight.

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5 thoughts on “Observations from the field

  1. What’s your take on the state senate minority leader switching hands to upstate? Can upstate republicans do a better job than the downstate ones did?

  2. Nick Langworthy & Will Barclay are useless. It remains to be seen whether or not Robert Ortt has any brains/spine.

  3. I too have been somewhat disappointed in Nick Langworthy thus far. I’m not sure the methods republicans in this state have at their disposal, especially as the prospect of winning back the state senate seems dim for November.

    Realistically, what a minority do to roll back or advance pro-gun legislation? Honestly asking, as I thought that without a majority they can’t even introduce bills?

  4. Any legislator can introduce a bill. Whether it goes anywhere is up to the majority leadership in each chamber.

    Nothing good will happen in NY until gun groups from NRA down participate in the Democrat party selection and election process. Republicans are not relevant in Albany.

  5. That’s an interesting take. One that I wonder if going forward the gun groups in this state will at least start to consider. The current strategy is definitely not working and perhaps if these gun groups started to work with Democrats in swing districts we could see some progress.

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