Monday’s Newsbits:




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2 thoughts on “Newsbits

  1. I believe that if we go ahead with one of these other cases, which now looks fait accompli, it will be a big risk. At best, Roberts will force a very watered down decision. Maybe like well, a bayonet lug, etc. makes no sense, but magazine limits are “a compelling public safety interest”. That would mostly reinforce “intermediate scrutiny” review. And that is what I believe is the best we will do without one more solid Trump appointee. Or else he could turn around and fuck us completely. A disaster. We should wait. But I’m sure we wont.

  2. Thinking strategically, we would be on substantially firmer footing if, before it gets before SCOTUS we get at least one victory in a newly Trump re-shaped circuit. That would certainly make it easier for the high court, than to decide against every single circuit. Even Gorsuch, in his confirmation, noted that a consideration, is if “a case is an island”. Meaning no other court found in “our” favor. That wont help us, especially in light of how I believe Roberts is motivated. The historical legacy of “HIS” court.

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