SCOTUS sidesteps 2A case

The headline says it all, “Supreme Court sidesteps major Second Amendment case, a setback for NRA.”

Here is a link to the court decision.

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3 thoughts on “SCOTUS sidesteps 2A case

  1. What we needed was a ruling regarding standard of review. What we got here was nothing. Unfortunately, I expected as much. I believe that Justice Roberts DOES NOT WANT THIS ISSUE BEFORE “HIS” COURT.

  2. People had high hopes to this case and guess what Roberts fucked us again. This should of been easy to do and the judges screwed us over.

    People will say this is no surprise. This is denial. We have rats still in the rice.

  3. Best case scenario for this case was a narrow decision allowing transport. There was never going to be a standard of review.

    There’s nothing in the pipe in New York. Next possible cases are from other circuits.

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