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It is already pretty obvious, but Spectrum reports,”New York Keeps Getting Bluer As Republican Enrollment Continues To Slide“:

“There are now 18,287 fewer active enrolled Republican voters in New York state in the three years since President Donald Trump was first elected, new voter enrollment statistics released by the Board of Elections show … The new numbers show there are now 2,630,555 active Republicans in New York, a decline from 2,648,842 GOP voters in November 2016. Democrats have added more than a quarter million enrolled active voters during that same time period — 273,684 voters, according to the new data … In the rear view mirror for Republicans is the growing number of voters who have chosen to not enroll in party or “blanks.” Statistics show there are now more than 2.5 million voters who do not identify with a party, a gain of 62,639 voters over three years. The ranks of the Conservative Party have also fallen in the last three years, declining by 4,224 active voters during the same time period …”

People are not putting up with the GOP and CP being little more than rubberstamps for Governor Cuomo and the far-left.

There is no alternative for 2A advocates but to be involved in Democrat politics.  Gun owners must attend their events, take part in their candidate selection process and vote in their primaries.  Even if all Republicans in the legislature vote in unison they have no ability to advance or block legislation.

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2 thoughts on “Make new friends

  1. True, so true. Weird thing is RINO’s and so-called 2A-Pro Gun types vote Democratic Party line so often in this state [if not so, how cold GOP & CP be so terminal]. I have little to do with pro-gun groups now due this infiltration].

  2. With all due respect to you guys, my absolute, total, and utter hatred and disgust with the democrats would make my dealing with them impossible. In my debates (with family and former friends), the feeling on their side is mutual. I try to not even patronize their businesses. I would find it humiliating, and I think it would be useless to get involved with them. They do not believe in 2A, 1A, the constitution, individual liberty…..THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO OWN A GUN, PERIOD. When I tell them I own a legal gun for defense, they react with visceral disgust. NY is gone. Our only hope for 2A in NY is the courts. The will absolutely go as far as they believe or find that the courts will allow. I believe the focus should be legal battles. Heller is the only reason that you can still own any kind of gun in NY. As in the NYC case, they know that although the lower courts have defied Heller, there is a limit beyond which the lower and appeals circuits will be struck down by SCOTUS.

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