Protesting FNRA on Long Island

Antigunners in Nassau are unhappy the local Friends of NRA chapter will be holding their annual dinner in New Hyde Park in a few weeks. A protest is planned and local politicians are promoting it:

“… “While reasonable people across this country are looking for common-sense solutions to reduce the number of guns on our streets, the Nassau County Friends of the NRA plan on giving them away at their upcoming fundraiser in New Hyde Park,” state Sen. Anna Kaplan (D-Great Neck) said. Kaplan went on to say, “I look forward to standing in solidarity with Long Islanders who’ve had enough of the NRA and their backwards agenda, as we protest the event on September 19th at the Inn at New Hyde Park.” …”

“… “Last year I stood with activists to ask The Inn at New Hyde Park to reconsider hosting the [National Rifle Association] annual fundraiser. We were told it was too late for them to cancel the event,” [Sen. Jim Gaughran] said in a tweet. “What I can’t understand then, is why The Inn is hosting them again this year.” Gaughran’s letter said that the country is “in the midst of a gun violence epidemic” and that organizations like the NRA are ignoring “pain, suffering and loss” caused by gun violence. “We must stand firmly united against the NRA’s blanket refusal to support common-sense gun safety reforms,” Gaughran wrote …”

An event on Facebook currently shows 45 people will be attending the protest.  Who knows how many will actually show up.

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