Senate perceives weakness in NRA

CBS reports,”Mitch McConnell says gun control measures will be discussed by Senate after recess“:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not calling the Senate back to Washington for an emergency session to address recent mass shootings, but gun control measures will be on the table when Congress reconvenes in September … McConnell specifically mentioned background checks, a measure that has failed to gain much ground in the Senate and is strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association …”


Things should not have gotten this far. I am confidant this is a direct result of all the nonsense going on with the NRA. The NRA Board needs to get their shit together. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any indication of that.

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3 thoughts on “Senate perceives weakness in NRA

  1. The whole discussion is a fraud! Every one of the shooters bought their gun legally WITH A NICS CHECK. What sense does any of this make? (a rhetorical question). If they get an “AWB” and kick everyone’s door in house to house and none are left, the next nut will do the same with 3 9s in a bag. After that the next nut will have three wheel guns with speed loaders….. We all know what the last stop on that train is!

  2. NRA or not, if Trump fucks us now, he’s one term. I would worry much more about his next term, when there is no more election to worry about, and he can do whatever the bug that flew up his ass last night told him when he rolls out of bed. Hopefully, somebody will whisper in his ear, at least now. I wrote Skellos and told him if he passes “SAFE” it will END the Republican Party in NY for at least our life time and beyond. Guess what happened…..

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