Democrat primary opportunities

The Intercept reports:

“A SPECTER IS haunting the House of Representatives: the specter of primaries. All the powers of the status quo have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter. Blacklists have been drawn up; arms have been locked … Democratic Reps. Dan Lipinski, Ill.; Eliot Engel, N.Y.; Henry Cuellar, Texas; Steny Hoyer, Md.; and Jerry Nadler, N.Y., are all facing primary challenges, and paranoia is being stoked inside the Democratic caucus. “The question that comes up all the time is, is there anybody internally assisting and abetting, encouraging people to run against incumbents?” Rep. Bill Pascrell, a Democrat from New Jersey, told Politico …”

This presents a golden opportunity for NRA and friends to exact revenge on politicians they could not otherwise touch in a general election, particularly Engel and Nadler.  Primary turnout is always low so it won’t take much to push these guys off the cliff.  Even if NRA is unsuccessful at removing them, they can run up the bill for their re-election campaigns.  If they have to spend a lot more money keeping their seats they may reconsider whether or not it is worth it to promote anti-gun/block pro-gun legislation.

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