Thursday’s Newsbits:





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3 thoughts on “Newsbits

  1. Two things here Jacob:
    It is another example of LAWLESSNESS by the left to be enforcing a law struck down by the court (7 rounds).
    Way back, I said that we must not bring a case before scotus until we have 5 solid judges, and that Roberts had turned. His attack on the President is proof. His court was criticized directly by Obama, and he said nothing.

  2. At the risk of being investigated at license renewal (A FUCKKING OUTRAGE), the US JUDICIARY IS VERY PROBLEMATIC! They have conferred upon themselves unlimited power to make law verses adjudicating law and ARE NO LONGER JUDGES, but now act as omnipotent elders.

  3. What bothers me most is that he (Roberts) knows damn well better than anybody else that what he is saying is a croc of shit and further, an insult to the intelligence of the American People. What galls them most is that we have a President that, NOT a politician, speaks the plain truth.

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