Moms Demand in Albany

Moms Demand Action had their lobby day in Albany today:

From the pictures I’ve seen they look to have had roughly the same number of people that New Yorkers Against Gun Violence brought up a couple of weeks ago. One noticeable difference, aside from the shirts, is I have not seen any solicitation for funds from MDA. NYAGV asked for donations to bus their children to Albany.

I do not understand why MDA and NYAGV did not work together to have a single lobby day. Having two events which are essentially the same scheduled so close together does not make much sense to me. I wonder if Mike Bloomberg is trying to push aside the competition. The Brady Campaign used to get much more attention until he came along. Is he trying to do the same to NYAGV?

One Response to “Moms Demand in Albany”

  1. Em Says:

    Off topic: Take as a given, there is no more absurdly ridiculous non-case that can possibly be made than the assertion that asking for ID for ANY purpose is racist. The refusal of SCOTUS to grant cert in NC voter ID is a bell weather that the court has NOT changed, is 6 to 3 left, and will NOT do the right thing by us at this time. Taking anything there now will only do harm to our cause.

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