States rights

Bearing Arms opines, “This Lawsuit Could Shatter ALL Federal Gun Control Laws“:

“… When Shane Cox began selling his homemade firearms and silencers out of his military surplus store, he stamped “Made in Kansas” on them to assure buyers that a Kansas law would prevent federal prosecution of anyone owning firearms made, sold and kept in the state … The case could reverberate across the country because it cites the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, pitting the federal government’s right to regulate firearms against the rights of states …”

I foresee problems with this.

The Supremacy Clause basically says federal law trumps state law while the Printz case said that states cannot be compelled to enforce federal law.  Following this, the ATF could still enforce the NFA in Kansas.  Unless there is some other 10th Amendment cases that could be referenced here I don’t believe this tacit is going to work.

3 thoughts on “States rights

  1. If state law is supreme over fed law, could be a disaster for NY / CT and the commie states, no? They could then more so do whatever they want (not that they cant now with the lawless courts)?

  2. Actually, for us, living in scumbag states, our interests would be best served by only federal law may be applied. Like what the scumbags claim applies to ICE / emigration (up until Trump that is). (They’re such assholes! The narrative immediately changes on the basis of what is in the interest of their agenda).

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