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Yonkers Mayoral Primary

Incumbent Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is running in a 3-way Democrat primary tomorrow against attorney Karen Beltran and community activist Ivy Reeves.

As a general rule Westchester residents should vote for anyone but a Spano regardless of who the opposition is and this race is no exception.  During his time in the Assembly he consistently voted antigun and as Mayor he supported Michael Bloomberg’s gun control agenda.

Primary turnout is usually low so gun owners should make an effort to turn out and boot Spano from office.

Effect of A-7752/S-6151 on carry licenses

Now that the legislature has passed A-7752/S-6151 a likely (unintended?) consequence of this will be that in certain municipalities carry licenses will be harder to obtain.  The reason being now that premises licenses can be used for transport and range use there is less “proper cause” for a carry license.


Friday’s Newsbits:

Armed Citizen:




Legislature tries blocking SCOTUS lawsuit

A-7752, Relates to the transport of pistols or revolvers by licensees, has been substituted for S-6151 and just passed the Senate. A-7752 passed the Assembly yesterday. The bill now heads to the Governor.

The purpose of this legislation was to derail the NRA-backed transport lawsuit against NYC by changing state law to address the issues in the case. I do not know if SCOTUS will toss out the lawsuit after Cuomo signs the bill into law.

SAFE comes up in SD-57 GOP primary

The SAFE Act has come up in the 57th Senate District primary for the GOP nomination:

“… The Republican race to elect the next New York state senator in the Southern Tier is starting to resemble an episode of “Family Feud.” A Republican running in a primary next week to succeed retired state Sen. Cathy Young is lashing out at the GOP Senate leader and the Senate GOP Campaign Committee for supporting his opponent in the intra-party contest. Curtis W. Crandall, chairman of the Allegany County Board of Legislators, will face George Borrello, the Chautauqua County executive, in next Tuesday’s Republican primary for the 57th District Senate seat … In a press release on Monday, Crandall said, “It appears to me that [John] Flanagan has handpicked a candidate from the far northwestern corner of the 57th Senate District. Voters in the 57th District will recall that Mr. Flanagan was the main reason Cathy Young left her position as senator, and he was one of the few Republican senators who voted for the SAFE Act, enabling its passage.” …”

Getting rid of Young is one of the few positives of Flanagan’s tenure as Republican leader.  That being said, during his time as Senate President pro tempore he was widely viewed as nothing more than a puppet of Governor Cuomo.  Other than campaign cash from SRCC I don’t see why any Republican candidate would want their name associated with Flanagan.

Example of why the GOP is in the minority

Albany Republicans are spreading this info-graphic around:

Did anyone in either GOP conference think about organizing opposition to this, or any other issue including 2A, before the legislative session started 6 months ago? No. That is why they are the minority in both chambers.

Oneida County Executive primary race

Incumbent Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente will be in a three-way Republican primary next Tuesday with David Gordon and Michael Hennessy.

As to where the candidates stand on 2A:

When in doubt, vote the incumbent out.  With low turnout gun owners have an opportunity to push Picente off the cliff.

Senate floor calendar

On the Senate floor calendar:

  • S-2519, Prohibits the taking of non-native big game mammals in a fenced or other area from which there is no means for such mammal to escape.  Assembly companion A-883 is in EnCon.
  • S-6151, Relates to the transport of pistols or revolvers by licensees.  Companion A-7752 is on the Assembly floor calendar.

Assembly floor calendar

Just moved onto the Assembly floor calendar:

  • A-7752, Relates to the transport of pistols or revolvers by licensees.
  • A-7921, Relates to possession of firearms on property owned by or held in trust for SUNY ESF.
  • A-8174, Provides for an exception to firearm storage requirements related to persons less than sixteen years old.

The last scheduled session day for the state legislature is Wednesday, June 19.

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