NRA should support decriminalizing marijuana

The Governor and legislature have reached an agreement on the state budget.  As usual it’s a fiscal policy disaster.

One item that did not make it is recreational marijuanaAssemblyman David DiPietro vlogged that if it became law any gun owner who purchased pot could lose their firearms.  His post received way more attention that I thought it would:

Gun groups including NRA getting involved with non-gun issues is bad policy. However, I believe NRA should make a statement about decriminalizing weed at the federal level. No need to get into detailed arguments, just a simple statement that marijuana should be decriminalized so that people cannot be penalized for exorcising their 2A rights.

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Thursday’s Newsbits:

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt is forming a “Sportsman & 2nd Amendment Advisory Council.”  District residents interested in volunteering should contact Jena Knight at 845-469-6929.




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Long Island Bills Pushes For Safe Storage Of Guns

Suffolk Co. courts ruled mandatory storage is illegal back in ’08. See Colaiacovo v. Dormer.

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No sleep ’till Brooklyn

Bklyner offers up this “Exclusive”:

“It’s fundraising time for the NRA, and they’re making their usual rounds—among them, Southern Brooklyn. Signs posted outside of a Brooklyn eatery show the fundraising arm of the NRA (National Rifle Associaton) Foundation is having an event at the Rex Manor Catering Hall which sits at the border of Borough Park and Bensonhurst … This marks the third annual Brooklyn event of the NRA affiliate …”

There are several things NRA HQ ought to learn from this.

First, they have members in Brooklyn.

Second, since they have members in Brooklyn, NRA can be involved in local politics. The PVF is fully capable of doing this and it does not require spending a ton of money.  Nothing good will come to the NRA in New York until they become involved with Democrat politics in places like Brooklyn.

“… Undeterred by protesters, gun-supporters argued their First Amendment guarantees them a right to assemble. The signage promoting this event touts another Constitutional Amendment. “Gather second Amendment supporters in your community and attend your local Friends of NRA event,” reads the poster …”

Third, when confronted by antigun assholes, don’t back down.  Be open about supporting gun rights in a county where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 8 to 1.

As for the rest of the article:

“… The announcement comes days after a suspected white supremacist shot and killed 49 Muslims at two New Zealand mosques …”

The author confuses the NRA, which helped blacks obtain firearms for self-defense, with the Democrat Party, which was founded by the KKK.

“… Councilman Kalman Yeger, whose district includes Rex Manor, did not respond to requests before post time.”

Yegar has supported antigun positions in the past, but I don’t see anything about this.

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Stun gun decision

WBNG reports:

“A federal judge has ruled that New York’s ban on personal ownership of stun guns is unconstitutional … The decision came in a lawsuit filed by Matthew Avitabile, who said he wanted to buy a stun gun for self-defense in his rural upstate New York home. His lawyers argued that New York’s longstanding ban on civilian ownership of stun guns violated the Second Amendment right to bear arms …”

Here is a copy of the decision.

The judge’s determination:

“New York’s sweeping prohibition on the possession and use of tasers and stun guns by all citizens for all purposes, even for self-defense in one’s own home, must be declared unconstitutional in light of Heller. To be clear, this conclusion does not foreclose the possibility that some restriction(s) on the possession and/or use of tasers and stun guns would be permissible under the Second Amendment. Other states have already done this … New York might consider doing so as well.”

It’s a safe bet that new restrictive legislation will be introduced in Albany shortly.

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Everytown lobbyists in Albany

Everytown has retained Ostroff Associates to lobby in Albany for gun control during the 2019-20 session.  Their compensation is $10,000 per month.

Aside from advocating “gun violence prevention” they specifically pushed for A-2684, A-2689 and A-2690 which were all part of the Governor’s gun control package.

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Winning politically

Harold Hutchison writes at Ammoland:

“With all the threats of “red flag” laws and criticism about the NRA, maybe we need to take a look at what the bigger picture is showing. It is always easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, but you sometimes have to take a step back – and a look at the big picture shows that Second Amendment supporters have been winning the arguments …”

Winning arguments is not the same as winning at the ballot box.  Case in point, Governor Cuomo.

“… For starters, let’s look at Andrew Cuomo. His track record of wrongfully blaming and trying to punish law-abiding gun owners is very extensive. He’s tried so many times to use back door approaches to get the types of policies he has wanted, whether through quarterbacking lawsuits against gun manufacturers or by his abuse of financial regulations to target the NRA … The fact that he is not trying to persuade people to see things his way but instead choosing to try and bully his political opposition into silence speaks volumes. One does not do this if they are winning an argument on the merits …”

Cuomo isn’t trying to win based upon the merits of his arguments.  All he, and most other gun control advocates, care about is winning elections so they are able to implement their legislative agenda.  This is why it is pointless to debate them.  Gun owners should ignore them and focus solely upon defeating them at election time.

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Banning hunting

WIBX reports:

“Bills to outlaw competitive hunting competitions in New York State could become law this year if a handful of legislators in the Assembly and the Senate have their way. The bill, A-722, has been introduced in the Assembly’s Environmental Conservation Committee every year since 2003; however, with a now Democratic controlled Senate, this is the first time a similar bill was introduced in the Senate [S-4253]…”

Fudds ought to take this seriously.  There have been bills introduced for years that would banning all hunting by redefining cruelty to animals.  City legislators don’t care about hunting as there isn’t any in their urban districts.  Having sat in lobbying meetings with Fudds represented, I know legislators have no respect for them as they never, ever back up their positions.

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Tuesday’s Newsbits:





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