Paul Clement: Attorney Representing New York Gun Owners in SCOTUS Case

Legislative reload

The legislature is not done with gun control as State of Politics reports:

“A bill meant to ban guns manufactured through 3-D printers is expected to be tweaked after concerns were raised it would cover too many firearms as initially written … The bill sought to restrict the possession of so-called “ghost guns” and require firearms have “each major component” be detectable by a metal detector …”

SoP links to bill S-2143, but I believe the one under consideration is A-763/S-1414 as that was the one moved to the floor in both chambers.


Wednesday’s Newsbits:



It’s not over

Not surprisingly the gun control bills sailed through both houses of the legislature today.

It is not over:

“The package of gun control measures that state lawmakers are set to approve today and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign won’t be the last of the new Democratic majority in the state Legislature, officials indicated on Tuesday. Lawmakers will approve bills banning the sale and possession of bump stocks, an extension of the waiting period for background checks, block teachers and other school employees from having firearms on school grounds and a “red flag” bill barring the possession of a gun for those deemed to be too dangerous … Lawmakers for now are not taking up other measures that have been proposed over the years, such as the microstamping of bullets, a bill that would bar the printing of 3-D guns and the requirement that guns be stored in a secure location …”

My guess would be they will wait for another atrocity to exploit as an excuse.

Gun bills on floor calendar

The following bills have moved to the floor calendars in both chambers:

  • A-763/S-1414, criminal possession or manufacture of an undetectable firearm, rifle, or shotgun
  • A-2690/S-2374, extension of up to 30 calendar days for background checks
  • A-1213/S-2438, access foreign state records concerning previous or present mental illness of applicants for firearms license
  • A-2684/S-2448, prohibits the possession, manufacture, transport and disposition of rapid-fire modification devices
  • A-2685/S-2449, municipal gun buyback program
  • A-2686/S-2450, mandatory firearms storage
  • A-2689/S-2451, “extreme risk protection orders”

Voting is expected Tuesday.

Rep. Delgado’s Town Hall Meeting

Congressman Antonio Delgado held his first town hall meeting in Dutchess on Friday.

Rep. Delgado's Town Hall Meeting

I did not get picked to ask a question, but a gradeschooler did about gun control. Delgado said he supports universal background checks, H.R.8, and banning bump-stocks. He made it a point to say he doesn’t have a problem with NRA members, but the BoD represents gun manufacturers.

Sen. Carlucci pushes for gun control

GOP lawmakers share concerns as gun-control measures take form


Friday’s Newsbits:




Gun Control Day

Newsday reports Gun Control Day will be next Tuesday the 29th:

“… On Tuesday, lawmakers plan to focus on gun control. The measures include banning so-called bump stocks and restricting gun ownership rights of those deemed a danger to themselves or others (known as the “red flag” bill), state officials said. Other bills that could be part of the package include strengthening “safe storage” laws and prohibiting the arming of schoolteachers …”

What those “other” bills are concerns me. A bunch of bills have been introduced and amended over the past two days.

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