When you follow the money

The Miami Herald reports:

“Starting Wednesday, some Parkland families are raising money for a campaign to push the National Rifle Association out of politics … Following the lead of their children, parents from the community … have joined together to form Families vs Assault Rifles, a nonprofit and political action committee founded to be a counterweight to the NRA. Jeff Kasky, the father of March For Our Lives’ student activist Cameron Kasky, says the group is quickly gaining support and has already received commitments from “financial backers” willing to match grassroots donations … Amy Harwood, a Boca Raton parent and friend of Kasky’s, said the PAC is nonpartisan and won’t be supporting candidates … Harwood helped establish the committee when she helped introduce Kasky to Matt Gohd, a political strategist with Tipping Point Analytics. Kasky said Gohd is running point for the parents’ Super PAC, but said most of the people involved in the efforts, including a number of families from Parkland, are helping out as volunteers …”

There is absolutely no way this is a legitimate grassroots effort.  None.  This stinks.

Who is this Gohd guy?

David Hogg and Cameron Kasky — survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting — were all over New York this week, and the teenagers will stay in the national spotlight for years to come. The boys made a surprise appearance at a West 72nd Street book party on Monday night. They joined author Rick Allen to launch “RFK: His Words for Our Times,” a collection of Robert F. Kennedy’s speeches, at the penthouse of Matt Gohd, of Tipping Point Analytics …”

He has a NYC penthouse.

“… Gohd apologized to RFK’s daughter, Kerry Kennedy, because he wouldn’t be able to host a party for her book, “Ripples of Hope,” …”

And he’s tight with the degenerate Kennedy family.

I knew it.  This is just more of the same repackaged antigun astoturf.

Possible set up

The state legislative session is scheduled to end on June 21. This is usually the time when the really stupid shit starts happening. I am growing concerned that some antigun legislation is going to come up in Albany possibly as soon as Monday, in particular S-7133A. A few signs point to something brewing.

First, the annual Wear Orange day is this Saturday. Second, several City legislators are holding gun control activities today and over the weekend. Third, and most seriously, the Governor has started a petition for a new federal AWB. I am not concerned about that happening, but about him bringing up the topic in general. This isn’t a coincidence, all this is co-ordinated.

Now would be a good time for people to start contacting their state legislators and tell them no more gun control.


Tuesday’s Newsbits:




Petition drive for Moss

Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss is looking for registered Republicans to carry his petition for County Executive.  Those interested in help should e-mail the campaign at moss4exec@gmail.com.

Democrat nominations

Guns were an issue in Democrat party candidate nominations.

At the top of the ticket:

“… Gov. Cuomo accepted the state Democratic Party’s nomination for governor by promising additional gun laws, including raising the age to purchase firearms in New York to 21 … Cuomo touted New York’s passage of his tough anti-gun control law known as the SAFE Act … and promised the state will go further if Congress won’t act. He said the state will raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21, up from 18, which was somewhat of a surprise. In March he downplayed the idea by arguing that doing so nationally would have affected just 13% of the mass shootings over the past 50 years. Cuomo also again said he will push to increase the waiting period for some gun purchase background checks to 10 days, up from the current three, and also will pass a “red flag” gun law that would make it easier to confiscate guns from people considered a threat to themselves and others …”

And down-ballot races:

Ulster County Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum was snubbed Monday evening by the Ulster County Democratic Committee in favor of retired state trooper Juan Figueroa for the party’s nomination to run for election in November. On Tuesday, VanBlarcum’s campaign announced he would primary Figueroa for the Democratic Party line … Democrats took umbrage with Van Blarcum’s viewpoints supporting widespread gun ownership, opposing sanctuary cities and several controversial policy decisions which they said were too conservative for this year’s highly polarized midterm race …”

Not a lot can be done about Cuomo, but VanBlarcum is another matter.  He already has the Independence Party line and I suspect he will get the Republican and Conservative nominations as well.  Plus he has support from police unions.  Gun owners can push him over the finish line and give the finger to antigun bigots.  Campaign donations can be sent to:

Elect Paul VanBlarcum
P.O. Box 4483
Kingston, New York 12402

S-7133A Reported

Squishy Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee voted today to advance S-7133A.  The bill has been Reported and could be voted on by the full Senate at any time.

Assembly companion A-8976B passed back in March.


Tuesday’s Newsbits:




Gun Industry:

Panel Discussion of Gun Laws, School Safety and Mental Health with Congressman John Faso

Congressman John Faso will hold a “Panel Discussion of Gun Laws, School Safety and Mental Health” on June 1, 6:00pm at Hudson High School in Hudson.

The event is free and you can register here.

It is reasonable to assume Democrats and antigun advocates will try and embarrass Faso over his (lukewarm) support for 2A.

He chose poorly

The Journal News reports:

Marc Molinaro has picked a running mate for his bid to unseat Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Julie Killian, the former Rye deputy mayor and a two-time candidate for state Senate in Westchester County …”

Killian is a antigun RINO with a track record of failure at the ballot box.  She’s an exceptionally bad choice for a statewide ticket.

Language of the Left

Dana Balter is running in CD-24 against incumbent John Katko.

This news nugget caught my eye:

This is a prefect example of how the antigun Left uses language to advance their agenda. The statement “We know they work” is how they try to shut off debate by making it seem that the issue has already been discussed and the opposition discredited. They are counting on the 2A side not to call them out when they openly lie.

Top tip for debating gun control advocates: Do not ever accept the premises of any argument they put forward and do not be afraid to come right out and say so. Go right ahead and interrupt them. They are not expecting it. Do not back down when they become upset when you call their B.S. If they won’t recant their statement end the discussion.

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