TVRGC Meet the Candidates

Tri-Village Rod & Gun Club hosted Assembly candidates Dean Michael (AD-102) and Jake Ashby (AD-107 special) at last night’s monthly meeting.

Dean Michael for Assembly

Jake Ashby for Assembly

Dean Michael & Jake Ashby for Assembly

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Sheriff wants to train pistol license applicants

This is not a good idea. It could easily lead to a mandatory training requirement. Plus, the police are the last ones to be giving out firearms instruction.

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Right way and wrong way

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, there is a right way and a wrong way to respond to a political hit.

This is the wrong way:

“… Young Republicans Chairman Marc Boissey told the Journal in a statement on Wednesday that “the appearance of one of the targets I used resembling the Democratic emblem is unfortunate, but obviously I had no ill will towards our Democratic contemporaries … If anyone was offended by the donkey target, I obviously apologize” …”


This is the right way to respond:

“Inspired by the teens from Parkland, Fla., Buffalo-area high schoolers are organizing a forum on gun violence on April 7, and they’ve already lined up Rep. Brian Higgins and two other Democratic congressional candidates to attend. But Rep. Chris Collins, a Clarence Republican and strong gun rights supporter, will not be there, his spokeswoman, Sarah Minkel, said Wednesday. “Sadly, radical partisans have co-opted the Parkland tragedy in an effort to score cheap political points,” Minkel explained in an email …”


Publicly identify the event as a opposition political stunt, call B.S. on it, and counter-attack by calling out the radicals.

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Not the way to respond

The Dutchess County Young Republicans have held an annual Shoot the Shamrock fundraiser around St. Patrick’s Day at the Dutchess County Pistol Association for a number of years.

This year their counterparts at the DC Young Democrats have taken umbrage:

“The Dutchess County Young Democrats group charged its political counterpart, the Dutchess County Young Republicans, with playing “arrogant politics” by hosting their recent “Shoot the Shamrock” fundraiser using sketches of the Democratic Party donkey mascot as the target.  Young Democrats’ Chairman Frank Mazzella said the GOP leadership “failed miserably” by using the donkey image and posting it online …”

The DCYR’s only failure was to appropriately respond to Mazzella’s attempt to intimidate them.

“… “It’s almost like they can say anything they like without any recourse,” he said. “To be an example as a leader in a political party or be involved in a political party takes a certain kind demeanor in which you would conduct yourself and this is not at all in any way, shape or form the way they should conduct themselves.” …”

Melted snowflakes.

“… Mazzella said in these times of “horrendous mass shootings,” he was glad to see the GOP group included gun safety training. But, he said they should set “positive examples of behavior, not hateful ones.” …”

Mazzella is too dense to grasp that DCYR’s are mocking Democrats.  Given their Party’s symbol is an ass that should be expected.

“… Leadership of the Dutchess Young Republicans could not be reached for comment Tuesday evening.”

They should have been all over this, laughing at Mazzella and using his stupidity as a fundraising tool.

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Tuesday’s Newsbits:



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Fridya’s Newsbits:

Vic Costa’s obituary




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