They’re not serious

Some political theater today in Albany:

“The state Senate’s Democratic Conference fell short in an attempt Wednesday to force a vote in their chamber on a series of gun-safety bills intended to augment the 2013 SAFE Act … [Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins]  and 20 members of her conference subsequently entered the Senate chamber and began pushing their legislation on the floor in a series of what are known as hostile amendments – attaching their legislation to an unrelated bill on organ donations. But when the Democrats asked for a vote by a show of hands, however, they fell short — even with eight votes of support from members of the Independent Democratic Conference — as Republicans in control of the chamber declined to support the measures …”

I knew this was coming.  I also knew it was going to fail because the Governor wasn’t behind it:

If Cuomo gets behind one or more of the bills the Republican Senators will cave.


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Lawmakers push for gun control

Another dog-and-pony show at the Capitol today pushing the same bunch of bills announced earlier this month:

Possible GOP sell out coming

This I do not like:

“… GOP lawmakers emerged from a closed-door meeting Tuesday afternoon to not rule out taking up new gun control legislation. “I think that everything has to be on the table,” said Sen. Fred Akshar, a Republican from the Southern Tier region. “Protecting our children should not be a partisan issue and we should be having reasonable and responsible conversations about all of these issues.” That legislation includes further restricting access to guns to people convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse as proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, closing what supporters call loopholes in the federal law while also tightening other laws for gun ownership …”

Then put right-to-carry on the table.

Are any of the Republican Senators going to do this?

Will any of them even think to do this?


People need to start contacting their local lawmakers.  These spineless jellyfish will cave at the slightest pressure.

Didn’t take long

How dumb was NSSF’s attempt to grease the IDC?

Just one day after the Daily News story there’s this going on at the CAP:

Grease the machine

Our state government has operated under the time-honored system of Cash is King for well over a hundred years.  Everyone knows this.

The average rank-and-file state legislator charges $250 per person to attend one of their fundraisers while those in leadership positions want $500-1000.  Event sponsorships I have seen go for as high as $5000.

Knowing this, the Daily News reports, “Indie N.Y. Democrats reject donations from pro-gun group“:

“… The campaign committee for a group of eight breakaway state Senate Democrats and its leader both received $1,000 donations last August from a major pro-gun lobby group. But campaign finance records show the Senate Independence Campaign Committee returned the contribution weeks after receiving it from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a leading firearms industry trade association …”

The idea that NSSF could grease the wheels of justice has lots of precedence in Albany.  They just did it in a bad way and on the cheap.

First, to avoid controversy, the donations should have been made closer to the primary or general election so they are publicly disclosed after election day.

Second, to maximize impact, NSSF should have done some research to determine which of these guys is in the most trouble back home and maxed out their donations right before the primary when the incumbents need help the most.

Third, if they insist on kissing up to Jeff Klein, they need to come up with more money.  Klein is a piece of crap and definitely not their friend.







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Fresh astroturf

The antis have planted some fresh astroturf:

“When they got prayers and thoughts from U.S. lawmakers after a massacre at a Florida high school that left 17 students and teachers dead, thousands of young people turned to the country’s largest gun-control advocacy group to learn how to make their voices heard. Students flooded Everytown for Gun Safety with calls after last week’s Florida school massacre, prompting the creation of its first student branch, the group said on Wednesday … The new “Students Demand Action” branch is expected to try to lift a ban on government research into gun violence, get out the notoriously absent youth vote and even run for elected office themselves …”

I don’t believe this at all.

This stinks of professional activists using kids as a front while controlling everything in the background.  I’ll even go so far as to say SDA was thought out long before and Everytown was waiting for an opportune time to unveil it.

Here’s evidence to support my theory:

Women’s March organizers are encouraging students, teachers and their allies to walk out of schools on March 14 to protest gun violence. They’re demanding that Congress take legislative action on gun control in the wake of last week’s deadly school shooting in Florida instead of merely tweeting their thoughts and prayers …”

The phony “Women’s March” was anything but grassroots.

The media is all in with the narrative:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Colton Haab said he was approached by CNN to ask a question at Wednesday night’s town hall but decided not to after the network gave him a “scripted question,” quashing one he wrote himself. Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC shielded students while the school was under attack from the shooter, said he was going to ask about using veterans as armed security guards. …”

The good news is that the antigunners and their media allies have been trying this tactic for decades and as time moves on more and more of the public sees right through it.


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