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The New York City Employees Retirement System voted to divest itself of companies which sell firearms.  According to City Comptroller Scott Stringer:

“Today, the trustees of the New York City Employees’ Retirement System came together to divest our holdings of several gun retailers. We have seen too much violence from guns to continue to stand idly by and as fiduciaries we have a responsibility to protect our investments and the people of our City. This vote sends a strong signal across the country that government can take tangible steps to help reduce the number of guns on our streets and make progress toward ending the epidemic of gun violence.”

No, the signal it sends is that the trustees are more concerned with pushing their personal political agendas than in looking out for their pensioners best financial interests by seeking the maximum returns with minimal risks.  With gun sales way up the trustees are shirking their fiduciary responsibilities by selling profitable investments.


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Antigunners refuse to put signs on their property

Project Veritas shows the hypocrisy of Congressional staffers.

Bonus: Charlie Rangel makes an appearance at 2:20.

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House putting off gun bills

Gun legislation in the House has been pushed back until after the summer recess at the earliest:

“… “Given the events … we need to take a step back and show some real calmness and some real leadership and reflect on what’s happening in this country, and pursue the gun issue at a further date,” Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Calif.), the freshman class representative to GOP leadership, told The Hill after a meeting in Ryan’s office …”

And hopefully bury the issue.

“… Last week, Ryan faced dozens of GOP defections on a leadership-backed gun control measure … Conservatives argued that terrorist watchlists often wrongly include people and that the law would thus infringe on the Second Amendment. “I think it’s dead,” conservative Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) told The Hill last week …”

I’m inclined to agree.  The answer to PSH is time.  Plus it puts us closer to the election day dumpster fire which will be front and center in everybody’s mind, not gun control.

The only two Congressional races where challengers have tried to make it an issue are Anna Throne-Holst in CD-1 and Colleen Deacon in CD-24 and it does not appear to be gaining much traction in either district.

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Gun bills failing in the House

Democrats are continuing their efforts to get a gun control bill voted on in the HouseTheir proposals appear DOA and in no small part due to the shameless idiocy the antigunners have resorted to.

Example #1: Senator Portrait Project

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence spokeswoman Leah Gunn Barrett poses with objets d’art outside the Congressional offices of Chris Collins, Chris Gibson, Richard Hanna, John Katko, Elise Stefanik and Lee Zeldin.

Example #2: Gays Against Guns Die-In

Meanwhile, Lee Zeldin’s bill that would require law enforcement to get court orders to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns has also run into problems. Democrats don’t like it as it requires showing probable cause. Republicans who don’t like it feel it does not do enough to protect due process.

If I were Paul Ryan, I would schedule a vote on the reciprocity bill and shove it the antigunners faces.

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IDC committee

The Senate IDC is forming their own campaign committee:

“A group of five breakaway Senate Democrats is creating its own party campaign committee … The Senate Independent Democratic Conference, also known as the IDC, is doing it through an unusual agreement with the minor state Independence Party. Under the deal, the Independence Party will create the Senate Independence Campaign Committee that Sen. Jeffrey Klein will control … Klein, as part of the deal, said he will not have a say on who the Independence Party endorses. But he’ll use the committee to help fund Independence Party-backed Senate candidates that the IDC also supports …”

This stinks.  Would not surprise me if Gov. Cuomo was involved behind the scenes in this as well.  Ditto for John Flanagan.

“… This fall’s elections will determine which party controls the chamber, with the IDC likely providing the swing votes.”


I don’t see the Senate Republicans having an outright majority anymore.  Heck, with The Donald doing so badly in the state the mainline Democrats might even get enough members to give them complete control leaving both Klein and the Republicans out in the cold.

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Why the NRA is AWESOME!

Great video from the MRC.

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