Meet the candidates for SD-41

The R&P will be co-hosting a meet the candidates event next Wednesday in Putnam Co.

Of the possible candidates, the only one I’ve met personally is former Dutchess Co. Legislator John Forman.  The one known anti is Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik, who is a MAIG member and took Bloomberg money during his last election.

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The Voice of the American People

A handful of local antis are once again trying to intimidate Rep. Michael Grimm:

“… “We’re asking Michael Grimm to support that legislation which would essentially close the gun show loophole as well as prevent the Internet sale of guns to go unchecked,” activist Phil Jonas said.  He and a group of about 20 demonstrators rallied in support of the legislation — known as the Toomey-Manchin Amendment in the Senate, named for sponsors Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) …”

The bill blew up in the Senate, not the House, so pestering Grimm about it isn’t going to advance their agenda.

“… Jonas and others cited figures showing only 60 percent of gun sales are subject to background checks, prompting teacher Teresa Caliari of Bulls Head to lead a chant: “60 percent is not enough!”  “The voice of the American people matter more, and the voice of the Staten Island people matter more,” she said …”

If the “voice of the American people” matter, why did the bill they’re advocating fail?

“… The 60-vote threshold was agreed to in part to avoid wasted floor time for what would be an inevitable filibuster on background checks and other amendments.  Democrats also did not want to hold a 51-vote threshold for a sweeping GOP measure to expand concealed carry rights, for fear that it would pass and poison the underlying legislation …”

It failed because Senate Democrats did not want to listen to the “voice of the American people.”

“… A Grimm spokeswoman didn’t return a request for comment early Saturday afternoon …”

Because it’s a dead issue in Congress.

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Drunken racist MAIG member’s arrest video

Here is video from Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins’ arrest last week.

He is still listed as a member of MAIG.

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On the filibuster rule change

Senate Democrats voted to curb use of the filibuster for judicial nominees.

Rosslyn Smith at the American Thinker writes that NRA could have a field day over this as every possible nominee could be used for determining incumbent candidate ratings.  On last nights Kelly File she theorized that if Republicans regain the majority next year they could expand on this rule change to push a straight repeal of Obamacare though.  Along those same lines they could also move the nationwide reciprocity bill through over the objections of Schumer and Co. as it had 58 votes last time it came up.

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Protesting Cuomo in Buffalo

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A new low for Cuomo

The notoriously biased Siena College Poll shows a new low for Gov. Cuomo: 51% favor his re-election, 41% do not.

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MAIG member arrested for 2nd time

Mayors Against Illegal Guns member Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins has been arrested for the 2nd time on a DWI charge.

He was previously convicted on selling counterfeit sneakers back in 2011.  He is still listed on the MAIG website as a member.

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Ball & Marchione with shotgun

Senator Greg Ball showing Senator Kathy Marchione his shotgun from yesterday’s trapshoot fundraiser at Willow Wood Gun Club.

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