What support?

Bloomberg/MAIG paid for a full-page ad in today’s U.S.A. Today stating their opposition to H.R. 822.  From their press release:

“A coalition of more than 600 Republican, Democratic and Independent U.S. mayors today called on the Senate to reject efforts by gun lobby allies to quickly introduce and pass a measure that would override state laws determining who can carry concealed, loaded weapons in public places …”

About 100 of these mayors are from New York.  How many of them have joined in with Blooomberg’s bitching?  Zero.  I have not seen a single media statement from any of the local mayors, even those from the larger municipalities.  If this is such a hot issue, then why aren’t any of them talking about it?

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Flailing away at H.R. 822

You can sense the desperation in the antis attacks upon H.R. 822.  Some examples:

They appear to have given up on stopping it in the House and are pinning their hopes on the Senate again.  The math is not on their side.  It only failed last time with 58 votes because Chuck Schumer promised a filibuster.  By my count, the ’10 elections should up that number to 64 supporters which is enough to shut off debate.

10/19 UPDATE:

Eric Schneiderman sent out a press release and letter to Senate leaders.

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What early success?

The northeast RINO wing of the Republican party has not given up on seeing one of their own get the ’12 presidential nomination.  From the AP wire, “Romney’s rise challenges tea party’s clout in GOP“:

Mitt Romney’s early success in the Republican presidential race is challenging the tea party’s clout … On the surface, Romney’s strength seems at odds with the tea party’s fiery success in ousting Republicans seen as compromisers, and in making the House GOP caucus more ideological … Although he later changed, Romney once supported abortion rights, gun control and gay rights …”

What early success?  He’s been leading the pack with around 25% which isn’t saying much.  His campaign is well organized, but they should be considering he’s been running for the past 5 years or so.  Romney has money, but Rick Perry raised more than he did last quarter.

As time goes on candidates are going to start dropping out as their resources are depleted.  When that happens people will start focusing on issues including gun rights.  That is when Romney will start running into problems.

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H.R. 822 update

I’ve watched parts of the committee hearings on H.R. 822 and they are boring.  Jerrold Nalder continues to be disruptive and tried linking the bill with abortion.

On a positive note the bill picked up another co-sponsor, Rep. Ken Calvert of California, bringing the total back up to 245.

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H.R. 822 hearings continue

Hearings on H.R. 822 will continue today in the House.  Several antigun amendments were defeated, including two by Jerrold Nadler which he whines about in his press release.

Carolyn McCarthy went a different route by sending a letter to all 50 Governors trying to get them to oppose the bill.  This seems highly unlikely to work as 41 states are either shall issue or constitutional carry right now.  Gov. Cuomo has not said anything publicly on the bill.

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H.R. 822 hearing today

H.R. 822 is scheduled to have a hearing today in the  House Judiciary Committee.  One co-sponsor chickened out and pulled his name from the bill yesterday, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

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Desperate to block H.R. 822

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has created a petition to try and block the nationwide CCW reciprocity bill H.R. 822.  It is located here on the Whitehouse’s We the People website which lets people create petitions on various issues as a way to lobby the administration.

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Losing strategy

We had a relatively good legislative session this past year.  The only bad bill to see any action was microstamping in the Assembly and it took a lot of arm twisting for A-1157 to pass with a 77 vote majority.  Only 5 years ago they would typically pass with much fanfare and 20+ votes a dozen or so gun control bills in the Assembly followed by motions to discharge in the Senate.  This change of direction in Albany is the result of the slow, but steady progress we’ve made over the past decade with our PAC in electing good people and removing some bad ones.

Contrast this with California, where gunnies seem to have given up on elections and pinned their hopes on the courts.  Governor Brown just signed three bills into law including 1.) long gun registration, 2.) prohibition on unloaded open carry and 3.) diverting certain fees from background checks to other purposes.  Even if somewhere down the road one or more of these laws is ruled partially or entirely unconstitutional, that would not change how legislators treat the gun issue.  The first thing they did after losing the Chicago gun ban case was to rewrite the law so that it was 99.9% as obnoxious as the one the courts struck down.  There is no reason California legislators would not do the exact same thing.

The reason for this is because politicians don’t win or lose elections because of legal challenges to the laws their write and that is all they ultimately care about: winning and losing.  If decades of research proving that gun control does not crime control did not stop legislators from passing gun control laws why should anyone assume that years of court cases will?  Facts don’t matter to politicians nearly as much as they should.

Gun owners need to be involved in the election/selection process  from primaries to general elections, from town board and city council to statehouses and Congress.  That is the only way to defeat gun control and it’s advocates.

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Bloomberg’s campaign against nationwide CCW reciprocity does not appear to be going well.  Since it began a few of weeks back H.R. 822 added two more co-sponsors bringing it up to 245 in the House.

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Insurrectionist meme

The antis look to be trying to create a new meme where calling oneself  pro-gun is the same as calling for violently overthrowing the government.  It’s mostly CSGV doing it, but the Brady’s have joined in on the act.

While it is true that one of the primary purposes of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure The People can defend themselves from an out of control government, nobody is now seriously calling for overthrowing our government, especially as gun rights have been on a roll for the past several years.

The antis have to keep reinventing new boogymen every so often to keep the issue fresh like “cop-killer” bullets in the 80s-90s and “assault weapons” in the 90s-00s.  Now in the aftermath of Heller and McDonald they seem to be giving up on any semblance of being concerned with public safety and just going for batshit nuts instead.  That isn’t going to help their cause with the average citizen.

“Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” (James Madison, The Federalist Papers #46)

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