Legislative updates

Legislative Report #8 and NYC Legislative Report #5 are now online.  The state legislature is on an extended spring break and won’t be back until Wednesday, April 27.

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Shelly’s remarks

Here’s video of Shelly Silver speaking to the NYAGV people in “The Well.”  It’s a far cry from the dog and pony media shows they put on in the past.  Note too that he doesn’t mention any specific bills.

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Antigun lobbyists in Albany

Tom took this picture of the antis lobbying in Albany today.  Notice the empty seats.  NYAGV could not even fill the floor of “The Well” of the Legislative Office Building.  A lot of them were children who should have been in school and were bussed up from New York City.

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Antigun lobby day

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence will be in Albany today pushing for more gun control.  Here’s pictures from last year’s event.

Things are not going well for them.  In years past their allies in the legislature would push through about a dozen gun control bills in the Assembly and Shelly Silver would hold a press conference about it.  Last year they scaled back and just went for microstamping, which came up short in the Senate and humiliated the sponsors.

This time around, microstamping bill A-1157 didn’t move out Assembly Codes despite being on yesterday’s committee agenda.  That’s not to say it won’t move later on, but it is another sign NYAGV’s popularity is on the decline in Albany.

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He cannot be serious

Fresh off his second humiliating election defeat, Newsday reports that Rick Lazio is considering running for Suffolk County Executive this fall.

The man is totally out of touch with reality.  Who on earth is telling him he has a political future?

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Philipstown rally

150+ people showed up last night in Philipstown to protest the proposal prohibiting guns on town property.  The Town Board pulled the measure from the agenda.

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Trying to intimidate Hinchey

NYAGV is trying to get Maurice Hinchey to sign on to Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine prohibition bill H.R. 308:  Some PSH from Jackie Hilly:

“… “What further proof does Congressman Hinchey need before he realizes that the public deserves every possible protection from a drug dealer walking down the street in broad daylight with enough ammunition to murder half the block? The ban on large capacity ammunition magazines is a common sense measure to keep our communities safe from unscrupulous people. There is no reason for anyone living in a civil society to own one of these weapons, the sheer purpose of which is to inflict as much carnage as possible,” said Jackie Hilly, Executive Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence …”

Their previous attempts at getting co-sponsors has not gone well.  Michael Grimm has thus far blown them off while Nan Hayworth is helping NRA with some of their bills.


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It begins again with microstamping

Microstamping bill A-1157 is on the Assembly Codes agenda for Monday the 11th.

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NYSRPA & SAF file lawsuit against NYC

What everybody has been waiting for:  NYSRPA files lawsuit against NYC over pistol license fees and SAF Files Federal Lawsuit Against Bloomberg Over Gun Permit Fees.

Mayor Bloomberg could see this one coming and he’s worried:  … “We want to be in compliance with the law…so that we don’t want to lose the ability to have reasonable controls. If we have controls that the courts have ruled too onerous or too unfair, we could lose the whole thing,” Bloomberg said …

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Philipstown follies

The Philipstown Board has their next meeting scheduled for this Thursday where their proposed ordinance prohibiting guns on town property may come up.  The issue has gotten much attention from area gunnies, more than I originally expected,  including people from Garrison Fish & Game and Putnam Fish & Game.

Local politicians are getting in on the act too.  Greg Ball mailed out a district wide flyer announcing a rally will be held outside Town Hall prior to Thursdays scheduled meeting.  This was picked up by ILA and redistributed to their e-mail list last week.  Yesterday Putnam Co. Exec. candidate MaryEllen Odell sent out a press release denouncing the proposal and saying she will be there Thursday.

Philipstown.info covers the issue, “Gun Rights Rally Planned.”  Supervisor Shea seems to be backpedaling on the issue.  He is up for re-election this fall and probably realizes this is going to hurt his campaign.

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