Not believable

Rick Lazio is in Albany trying to sell himself to Republicans in the legislature.  I’m told he committed to them that he would not push for expanded gun control measures.

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Prohibiting “Saturday Night Specials”

Councilman G. Oliver Koppell has introduced a bill prohibiting the sale or possession of pistols or revolvers that do not meet safety and quality standards established by the Police Commissioner. I don’t have a bill number yet.

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Homeowner shoots at burglar

Armed Citizen in Orange County. From, “Homeowner shoots at burglar“:

“… State Police are investigating an attempted burglary to a residence … in the Town of Deerpark … homeowner heard someone walking through their backyard. The homeowner, who is licensed to carry a handgun, went outside and saw a man trying to break into his garage. When confronted, the would be burglar turned towards to homeowner and appeared to have an object, believed to be a weapon, in his hand. The homeowner fired a shot at the suspect, who then ran into the back yard. The homeowner fired two more rounds at the man, who fled into the woods behind the house …”

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Food for thought

Dick Morris said something on Fox News last week that I think could be important to gun control legislation in Congress.  He said that the Democrats know they’re going to get spanked by the voters in November one way or another over Obamacare, so they’re going to vote for it anyway and make history.  Which they did.

With their fate pretty much sealed, it occurs to me that the Democrats may decide again to go for history and push a broad gun control agenda in Congress.  They now have nothing to lose.

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Gun Control Day ’10

Gun Control Day ’10 is set to take place the week of April 26.  Mark your calendars.

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Lazio, Levy & Paladino

Rick Lazio is pissed that Steve Levy switched parties and will try for the GOP nomination for Governor.  The Conservatives are sticking with Lazio for now.  If Lazio had a solid base of support, which he doesn’t, he would have locked up both nominations a long time ago.

Levy met with local Tea Party people.  I know one local activist who queried Levy specifically on gun issues.  He was later e-mailed an excerpt from an old SAFE newsletter from ’06 regarding Levy’s support of keeping the Suffolk Trap & Skeet Range open.

NewsCopy thinks the RKBA will be a problem for Levy:

“… Tea Party leaders met with Levy last week. Some walked out. Others expressed disappointment over his dodging of issues. His failure to articulate support of Second Amendment rights also will doom him with Conservatives statewide and most of upstate New York north of White Plains …”

Yet another GOP contender has surfaced: Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino who is being backed by moneybags Tom Golisano.  He articulates support for the RKBA in this video message at 0:20:

According to PolitickerNY, if Paladino doesn’t get CP backing he will create a Tea Party ballot line.

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Levy on guns

Steve Levy on guns via WNBC report, “L.I. Dem to Seek GOP Nomination for Governor“:

“… When asked if he was socially conservative, Levy said, “I’m pretty much a moderate on the social issues. I’m pro-choice. Against partial-birth abortion. With guns, I believe people should be able to protect their family with a gun … but it’s very reasonable to have a waiting period, a background check.” …”

This tells us pretty much nothing, but it’s still better than Little Ricky.

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Levy running

Steve Levy is going to run for Governor.  The Times says he’s going to switch parties and run as a Republican; the Daily News says he may compete for both the Democrat and Republican endorsements (which he had for his last campaign for Suffolk County Executive.)

On guns, during his tenure in the Assembly he earned an F.  He improved slightly as CE where he was supportive of keeping the Suffolk Trap & Skeet range open.  This makes him somewhat better than Little Ricky who made it clear he thinks we need to adopt the new antigun laws the Democrats have been pushing in Albany.

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Rensselaer Co. resolution P/132/10

Rensselaer Co. resolution P/132/10 opposing antigun bills in the state legislature.  Passed on March 9 by a vote of 11-6-2.

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Lie-in 4/16

Protest Easy Guns has scheduled one of their “lie-ins” for April 16 in Times Square.  Here’s some photos from their last event.

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